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Staying food


You can enjoy the taste of the countryside from the ingredients of Yamazato.
  • Sukiyaki pot(Tajima Beef and Japanese black beef)

    【Tajima Beef】
    Very satisfied with eating, Tajima Beef Sukiyaki!
    A Japanese black beef with a long history that has been used as food since the Middle Ages in the Tajima
    The meat quality is good, and it is a raw Omi Beef Matsusaka Beef (Mie prefecture) and Omi beef (Shiga prefecture).
    People who ate it for the first time always cheered, "It's the best!"
    There are customers who come to eat on a regular basis.
    Enjoy the taste of the finest meat.

    【Wagyu Beef】
    Keisen's Japanese black beef sukiyaki hot pot is available from reliable producers all over the country.
    We purchase from a sales shop that has good quality meat.
    Please taste the beef with fine texture.
    A moment of bliss with the mellow taste and texture of Japanese black beef.
    Please enjoy the luxurious taste by baking Keisen
  • Botan Hot Pot

    The taste of the earth! Tamba specialty, Botan Hot Pot (boar meat)!
    Produced in Tamba Sasayama famous as a top brand.
    The wild boar meat served at this facility is of good quality purchased from a store that has a directly managed ranch.
    The pot stewed in the special red miso-based soup stock is excellent.

    【Summer Botan (boar meat)】April to September
    【Winter Botan (boar meat)】October to March
  • Tamba Homebred Chicken pot(Chicken hot pot / chicken sukiyaki)

    【Chicken nabe】
    Match with taste! The king of the earth.
    A passion for taste was born. "Tamba Homebred Chicken』\
    It is characterized by its fine and elastic meat quality and deep umami.
    Tamba, where the temperature difference is great, the vegetables have a strong and sweet taste.
    Incorporating such local tretre vegetables,
    It is a chicken hot pot of this facility that you can enjoy deliciously even porridge.
    It's low in calories and high in protein, so it's especially popular with women and the elderly.

    【Chicken sukiyaki】
    Stew the delicious local chicken thighs with the Keisen
    The umami of chicken melts with yaki-dofu, fu, green onions, etc., and the chopsticks go on.
    Sukiyaki udon is recommended for the shime.